Fish out of the house, pencil on paper, 16x19cm

Blue Van, Pencil on paper, 21x26cm

Ladder, Oil paint on board, 84x60cm

A to B, Oil paint on Board, 45 X 60cm

Window, Graphite on paper, 108 x 105cm

Map, Graphite on paper, 135 X 107cm

Door Handle, Oil paint on paper, A3-ish

Sink I, Sink II, Graphite on paper

Studies of house made during residency at Wordling project space 2021

Switch, Graphite on paper, A4

Plug, One loo roll series, Cardboard and tape

Drain, One loo roll series, Cardboard and tape

Untitled iteration collage, Graphite on paper

Two olives and a gherkin, Pencil on paper, 29.7 X 42cm

Paper Thin house, Pencil on paper, 42 X 29.7cm

Tom’s deodrant, Oil on paper, 18cm X 13cm

Tom’s Deodrant and fork, Oil on paper, 18cm X 14cm

Essentials I, Oil on paper, 21 X 30cm

Essentials II, Oil on paper, 22.5 X 30cm

Essentials III, Oil on paper, 19 X 31cm

Essentials IV, Oil on paper, 30 X 20cm

Van across Caylus, Pencil on paper

Interior after Bologna, Pencil on paper

 After Caylus, Pencil on paper

07/05/2019, Oil on board, 45 X 35cm

Timmy tape, Graphite and oil on paper, 1.5 X 1m

Timmy Tape 2, Oil and graphite on paper, 1.5 X 1m

Stage slink, Pencil on paper

Studio floor, Pencil on paper

Tom’s bathroom, Pencil on paper

Bathers, Pencil on paper

Circular Ruins, Pencil on paper, 55 X 80cm

Ensemble (part of a series of 12), Pencil on paper, 27.9 X 42cm